Smart traffic, safe transit

Across the world, many urban road networks are over capacity. This causes long delays for drivers, increasing frustration and reducing productivity. It also creates major public health risks due to poor air quality. Together, the effects of excessive traffic negatively impact city dwellers’ quality of life and the sustainability of cities.

In these circumstances, city authorities are beginning to look to smart technologies to make people’s journeys faster and safer. One of these is Hikvision’s portfolio of surveillance solutions that incorporate AI technology. These transform standard video monitoring with features that alert operators about traffic issues in real time. This allows them to take immediate action to keep lanes clear and to keep traffic flowing.




Traffic enforcement management

In many cases, traffic congestion is caused by illegal or irresponsible road use, such as illegal parking and use of bus lanes. Traffic enforcement solution helps to identify these kinds of traffic violations in real-time, allowing operators in traffic control centres to alert the authorities immediately.




Traffic flow management

By reporting real-time traffic flow at key intersections, congestion information is displayed to the public, helping drivers choose alternative routes. Based on this data, traffic lights can be coordinated automatically to even out the traffic flow, by extending or reducing the time available to cross the intersection.


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