Artificial Intelligence radically expands video technology possibilities

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning technology continue to make waves across the security market. The growing number of Deep Learning technology and AI applications in the security industry clearly indicates that AI and Deep Learning are now well established security tools, and forward-looking industry stakeholders are embracing them quickly.

Deep Learning takes AI to the next level of development. Beyond machine learning where supervised classification of features and patterns are simply set into algorithms, Deep Learning draws inspiration from the way the human brain works. In fact, our brains can be seen as a very complex Deep Learning model. Brain neural networks are comprised of billions of interconnected neurons; Deep Learning simulates that structure. These multi-layer networks collect information and perform corresponding actions according to rapid analysis of that information.

Enhanced accuracy results from multi-layer learning whilst based on a large amount of data. How does that translate to the video security industry? It means that Deep Learning can now be used to solve the most crucial problem facing video analytics – object classification.

In target detection, tracking, and recognition applications, it has a profound influence. When applying those three functions, Deep Learning potentially touches upon every aspect of the video security industry: facial detection and recognition, vehicle and non-motor vehicle detection, vehicle brand recognition, pedestrian detection, human body feature detection, abnormal facial detection, crowd behaviour analysis, multiple target tracking, and more.

It's easy to see the possible applications across vertical industries will be tremendous.

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