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Bank Branch Network

The development of AI and surveillance technology gives bank managers new opportunities to collect reliable video clips for investigation, gather intelligence to help them make business decisions and streamline processes to manage their branches effectively.

Facial recognition can be used to deliver VIP services to certain customers – alerting a staff member when they arrive, for example.

People Counting technology also comes into play here, to help managers to ensure they optimise the service in the branch – maybe having more tellers available at peak times.  The ability to see how people move through the space also helps plan and design a branch for effective management.

Of course, security is top of the agenda for banks. Restricted areas, like offices and the vault can be controlled using facial recognition technology. This means only certain people can access these areas – and the technology could also help identify those who try to access without permission. 

Although its one of the oldest industries, banking can take advantage of the latest AI technologies to keep its branches secure, efficient and relevant in the 21st Century.


ATM Network-1ATM network

Using AI, potential criminal activity can be identified at the ATM. Transaction data overlays can also clear up any disputes – such as the ATM eats a customer’s card.


Integrated Bank Building Security-1

Integrated building security

AI allows banks to improve security in restricted areas by controlling access and monitoring people who enter and leave. These kinds of integrated building security solutions can be implemented for a single bank branch, across multiple branches, or across entire regions.




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