Transforming banking with enhanced security and service

Banking and security have always gone hand in hand. Now, with the introduction of smart AI solutions, banks can do even more to protect people and assets.

First, AI-enabled surveillance can provide a clear view of ATMs, helping to detect abnormal faces to reduce potential risks. In addition, unusual behaviours can be detected like a violent action, to alert an operator who could intervene.

Smart surveillance also helps banks understand how customers move through their branches. With ‘people-counting’ features to show the flow and volume of customers, and visibility of ‘hotspots’ where most foot traffic flows, banks can create optimal layouts for every branch.

As an additional benefit, AI helps identify VIP customers, so banks can deliver optimised services.

All these things help banks to manage their branches effectively and easily.  Additionally, AI helps banks to improve the security of its day-to-day operations, helping them to build greater trust with customers and increase their competitive advantage.


ATM Network-1

ATM network

Using AI, potential criminal activity can be identified at the ATM. Transaction data overlays can also clear up any disputes – such as the ATM eats a customer’s card.


Bank Branch Network-2

Bank branch network

AI can identify people on a list of interest to ensure a safe environment, or help improve service and build stronger customer relationships.

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Integrated Bank Building Security-1


Integrated building security

AI allows banks to improve security in restricted areas by controlling access and monitoring people who enter and leave. These kinds of integrated building security solutions can be implemented for a single bank branch, across multiple branches, or across entire regions.


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