Retail - Security & Loss Prevention

Protect your people, assets and customers with Hikvision Security & Loss prevention solutions

In today’s highly competitive retail market, minimising losses due to shoplifting, emergencies and fraud is key to success. To help you protect your business and your customers, Hikvision’s industry leading Security & Loss Prevention solutions help you deter criminals, react faster to fire and theft incidents, and record evidence to bring shoplifters and fraudsters to justice. 

The Hikvision Security & Loss Prevention portfolio provides both visual and thermal surveillance of in-store and warehouse environments.

Our 360-degree fish-eye cameras cover large areas, giving you a full view of what’s happening on your premises at all times. We also offer built-in smart video technologies for automated intrusion detection alerts, real-time fire alerts, blacklisted customer alerts, and potentially fraudulent point of sale (POS) transactions.

With Hikvision Security and Loss Prevention, you can deter criminals with CCTV warning signs, react faster to incidents with live feeds for security teams, and bring shoplifters and fraudsters to justice with clear video evidence.

Our extensive Security & Loss Prevention portfolio includes:


  • Video surveillance
    Use our 360-degree fish-eye cameras to maximise your visibility of the shop floor or warehouse with no ‘dead-corners’ and excellent image quality for incident detection and evidence recording in all light conditions.

  • POS fraud detection
    Take advantage of our ability to record POS transaction details on screen as an overlay on your video images to reduce fraudulent transactions and employee fraud and to improve the ease and speed of transaction searches for customer dispute cases.
  • Fire detection
    Deploy our thermal imaging cameras in store and in the warehouse to support effective surveillance and to trigger fire alerts in real time. With alerts generated in the event of rapid temperature changes, you can react quickly to a fire and minimise damage, safety risks and losses.
  • Automated evidence recording
    Use our smart video technologies to optimise the alarm handling flow (SOP) and to build strong evidence against the perpetrator. We enable this by linking alarms to the CCTV system which supports rapid alarm verification, and efficient alarm record management and reporting.



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Intelligent operations

Surveillance solutions with built-in AI capabilities can enhance customer experiences, drive up conversion rates, and support effective management of multi-location retail chain stores. Read More 






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