Deterring theft, reducing shrinkage, and increasing revenues

To protect slender margins, retailers need to prevent losses due to theft and shrinkage. In addition, the smartest retailers use sophisticated data analytics technologies to understand customer interests and to optimise their store layouts and merchandising strategies.

Surveillance and security solutions that incorporate AI can help in both of these key areas. With a clear view of customer flow, retailers can optimise their store layouts, merchandise goods effectively to increase sales revenues and bag sizes, and enhance the shopping experience by reducing checkout waiting times.

In addition to these benefits, advanced surveillance technologies such as facial recognition can help retailers identify VIP customers, helping retailers provide personalised service and build stronger, more profitable relationships.


Intelligent operation-2


Intelligent operations

Surveillance solutions with built-in AI capabilities can enhance customer experiences, drive up conversion rates, and support effective management of multi-location retail chain stores. Read More


Loss Prevention-2


Security & Loss prevention

With AI-powered technologies such as behaviour and face recognition, retailers can combat shrinkage by reducing shoplifting, and other forms of suspicious behaviour in and around stores. Read More




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