AI cloud

Integrated architecture for intelligent video and IoT computing

Identifying threats before they impact your people or assets requires smart, powerful security infrastructure. You need Artificial Intelligence technology in front-end devices, providing machines with perceptual intelligence. You also need powerful analytics technologies to distil thousands of hours of video into meaningful insights, and to identify recurrent risks.

To deliver this smart security vision in the most efficient way possible, Hikvision has created our AI Cloud. This uses on-premise cameras and devices to collect IoT data, which is stored and managed in the ‘edge domain’ of the network. From here, the video data is forwarded to the ‘Cloud Centre’, where sophisticated analytics tools and algorithms are used to uncover key trends and insights, helping you identify and respond to security threats faster.

What is AI Cloud

Hikvision AI Cloud is based on a distributed structure incorporating on-premise cameras, ‘edge-domain’ infrastructure for managing and storing data, and cloud-based systems for data analytics.


Edge Node: Data collection from multi-dimensional sensors and front-end processing

Edge Domain: Intelligent applications for data collection, storage and processing

Cloud Center: The fusion of business data, and the applications of multi-dimensional big data analysis

Hikvision AI Cloud structure




Understanding Hikvision AI Cloud in 4 minutes

Cloud-edge integration is the next big thing in video surveillance. This video explains Hikvision AI Cloud as an intelligent IoT architecture and how it supports the goal of providing a new class of smarter and faster AI-powered applications


Hikvision AI Tour 2018

Hikvision held an AI Tour in 2018 that include events in around 40 countries across Asia, Africa, Middle East and Latin America. The events took the form of road shows or AI seminars in trade shows to help customers understand how AI solutions from Hikvision can help to improve the security of people and assets.