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What's the Challenge?

Video read/write operations go through recording servers which easily bottleneck the entire storage system, taking up data storage space and increasing costs. The conventional file system periodically overwrites data, causing a large number of file fragments. And the performance of the storage devices degrades as their time of usage increases.

Even worse, in case of server failures or breakdowns, data may become read-only or may simply get lost.


Solution to the Problems


Hikvision’s Direct Streaming Technology ensures direct writing of video streams into storage devices, eliminating costs for additional recording servers, and thus preventing failures and performance bottlenecks of servers. It utilizes independent storage devices featuring high reliability, so that any fault in a single disk array will not affect other disk arrays. Its unique video streaming protection mechanism helps eliminate file fragments resulting from data overwriting, as well as loss of storage performance and disk utilization.

This technology enables direct access to the client and the platform so that end-users can download, retrieve, browse, and play back footage directly at high speeds. It improves the efficiency of search and write operations with a simplified process while maintaining video data security at enterprise levels. The technology makes a video storage and management system easier to implement – and scale up – and paves the way for the most efficient distributed storage and centralized management available. It is suitable for scenarios where both rack space and network bandwidth are limited.

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