Pioneers Ultra-low-light Imaging for Video Surveillance

What's the Challenge

Most security incidents happen at night. Of all known crimes, 70% happen under the cover of darkness. Information about suspects — such as facial features, height, and clothing — and vehicles — license plate number, color, type — are all crucial forensic evidence. In low-light environments, however, these critical details can be easily missed by conventional cameras. Infrared does improve image sharpness on conventional cameras, but it cannot provide color reproduction.


Solution to the Problems

DarkfighterX image

Hikvision has dedicated years of research & development efforts to image processing in varied low-light environments.

In 2013, Hikvision launched cameras with DarkFighter technology, featuring a larger sensor and a larger aperture. Only four years later, Hikvision set the industry benchmark with DarkFighterX highlighted by an innovative dual-sensor design. Based on the process human eyes use to perceive color and brightness, it employs two sensors — one for IR imaging, guaranteeing brightness and sharpness, the other for visible light, guaranteeing vivid color reproduction. These signals are then combined into ONE BRIGHT, FULL-COLOR image.

DarkFighterX Technology enables unparalleled brightness and vivid color, along with amazingly sharp, clear images in ultra-low light.

Note: Although with extreme light sensitivity, DarkFighterX still needs ambient light such as moonlight to function.


Where You Can Apply It         

DarkFighterX can be used in a wide range of security scenarios, such as streets, railways, ports, squares, waterfronts, parks and forests, and anywhere colorful, high-definition images are needed around the clock. 

Watch the video to see the performance of the 4MP DarkfighterX at the crossroad.



Download brochure of Hikvision DarkFighterX Cameras here.


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Know a Bit More About DarkFighterX

The DarkfighterX cameras take information from an IR sensor (for brightness) and information from a visible light sensor (for colour) and combine them to provide the best of both worlds – one bright full-colour image.

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