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Beyond Resolution - Better Image Quality and Richer Details 


What's 4K Technology

4K, also called 4K resolution, refers to a horizontal display resolution of approximately 4,000 pixels. With up to four times higher resolution than standard HDTV 1080p resolution, 4K has not only been adopted by the television industry as a standard but is also becoming the new norm for video-based security systems, promising better image quality and richer detail.



What's the Challenge

Limited resolution often hinders the accuracy of video analytics, mainly due to missing image detail.

Without 4K monitors and NVRs, 4K cameras cannot be used to their full potential, and therefore have little practical use.


  Solution to the Problems
4K Toplogy

With 4K technology quickly coming into focus, opportunities to apply it to security efforts continue to grow. By packing ultra-high definition and smart functions into an entire set of 4K products – cameras, NVRs and monitors – Hikvision is providing a better experience for security customers.

Hikvision’s 4K system provides users with incredibly crisp and clear images along with smooth preview and playback. With satisfactory low-light performance, this 4K system facilitates video content analytics and yields better use of video data. By incorporating H.265+ video compression to reduce bandwidth and storage costs, Hikvision’s 4K system allows users to manage ultra-high definition video footage much more efficiently.

Hikvision’s 4K NVR is equipped with an HDMI 2.0 interface, transmitting video with 4K resolution and providing a more comprehensive solution than systems that are only able to provide 4K cameras or 4K codecs without the 4K output.

As a part of Hikvision’s smart product family, 4K products are equipped with features such as false alarm reduction and smart detections of intrusion, line crossing, region entrance, region exit, and more.



                                                                                  Where You Can Apply It


Hikvision’s 4K system vastly improves applications in various scenarios such as city surveillance, stadiums, airports, harbors, and parking lots, to name just a few, where clear, high-resolution images and intelligent surveillance are necessary.

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